We are a creative business with a passion for development!
Engagement programmes, digital know-how and brilliant communications, as a group, we are committed to creating engaging experiences and want to up the ante (aka Raise the roof)
on all learning and development.

Individually, our loves are design, learning, excellence, experiences,
play and running way past the extra mile marker.

We deliver innovative unique digital experiences – whether that be a funky video to engage people in an event or a full blown leadership programme pulling on AR and VR for the board we have the know how to do it. And if we don’t know how we go and find someone who does.


What Our Friends Say

I think that the toolkit has been well thought out and has some good techniques which you can tailor to your own team.


The app is a useful new tool where we are able to deliver content directly to people’s mobile devices so they could access material at their own convenience to support our internal event.

Fidelity International

The app was a fantastic and valuable tool to help reinforce all of the learning our delegates received during an 18 month development programme. From start to finish the app played a major role. It added an extra level of excitement during a national conference where colleagues posted selfies and comments to the live news…