To create a level 3 and level 5 Apprenticeship Programme for Raise the Bar.


To pick apart the ILM and apprenticeship requirements and wrap them into a design-led delegate led experience with multiple resources – both physical and digital.


Topic Tapas, L&M Mash ups, Micro mentors and Learning Lowdowns. A smorgasbord (!) of delights that fit into different learning styles with face to face sessions with experts and webinars and digital experiences throughout.


Raise the Bar provides a unique and interactive experience personalised to me. The biggest positive for me is the number of different ways that I can learn such as webinars, workshops and radio to name just a few! I feel that I am fully supported and I am able to contact my coach without hesitation knowing that he will do his best to help me. Raise the Bar is really original in its approach and I feel confident that I will come away from it with not only knowledge that will allow me to be a better manager and a leader but also be more self-aware.
I think the ILM 3 Leadership and Management Programme has been really informative, challenging and really enjoyable. I wasn't really sure what to expect but the presenters used at each training session are so well prepared and totally engaging. They get you involved right from the start so the learning is really interactive and just feels more "real." Raise the Bar is an incredibly professional organisation and as a learner you feel really taken care of as an individual learner. From all of the resource learning Raise the Bar provides you with to your Mentor Coach who looks after you throughout, the support provided is invaluable.