Co-op Funeral Care

Co-op Funeral Care


To provide leaders with a toolkit to embed change after a large organizational development change. 


This had to be operations led- working closely with leaders internally we created bespoke digital solutions that integrated into the challenges they were facing into. An app was key to the efficient and cost-effective implementation of this and the creation of 3D AR “pop up coaches” from the network. A toolkit was designed and created that contained games, books, coaching cards, plush toys, biscuits, posters and activities.


A great example of layering digital with the physical with the production 
of exclusive customer journey board games and books.


I think that the toolkit has been well thought out and has some good techniques which you can tailor to your own team.
Very different from anything we have seen before.
I thought the app was excellent as it ensures the team all receive the same message from above.