To create a momentous graduation experience for 800 learners with a limited budget. The remit was to replicate the same experience that managers had previously at 3 massive face to face venues. (easy!)


Working closely with the learning team we created a “breakfast show” delivered through the Zoom conference facility and provided a day time graduation show. All regions were sent a “graduation in a box” to provide the team with props (graduation caps and gowns) goodie bags, activities for the day.

The whole journey was supported by an app that provided 3DAR presentations and social media feeds to engage people from the opening of their first invite to when they started to watch the first moments of the show.


The most impactful, engaging experience we have ever been part of. (Honestly, it even shocked us! )
It was a successful execution of digital products and created something that generated an increase in engagement and motivation.


Thanks for a fantastic day. I cannot tell you how many positive messages I’ve received yesterday and today. A huge well done all round.
Well done to all involved in making today a great success. It worked brilliant and what a great team effort. Still buzzing now after seeing so many people having a great time.
We are having a blast #celebration