The Learning App

The Learning App


Shake up learning. Make it mobile. Do It differently.


With the learning landscape changing and more focus on microlearning and mobile execution we set out to create an app for our sister company, Raise the Bar and their clients. The initial intent was to have something that provided innovation, difference, impact and opportunities for engagement for learning programmes. We were also super keen to take this one stage further and provide a product for other training providers and so, The Learning App was born. In order to do that we created a brand, a logo, a website, some videos, animations and infographics and…… you get the picture. It escalated!


An app that has been used as a highly effective comms tool for events and conferences and a superb learning tool with a repository of all learning resources, video content, users, feedback facility (great for pre and post sessions), Augmented reality and social media. Not only for Raise the Bar clients but for other super cool training providers too.


When developing the brief for The Business of Tennis programme we wanted it to embrace the use of technology and The Learning App has certainly helped to achieve that. At first I thought the app would just serve as a repository for resources but it proved to be much more than that! It added a whole new dimension to the programme and helped to take the programme beyond the class room. The ability to connect delegates using the app also helped to develop a strong team ethic within each cohort enhancing the experience for our learners. The augmented reality feature is not to be missed and used properly can really add the wow factor to any training programme.
The app is a useful new tool where we are able to deliver content directly to people’s mobile devices so they could access material at their own convenience to support our internal event.
Sophie Glenister
Fidelity International
The app was a fantastic and valuable tool to help reinforce all of the learning our delegates received during an 18 month development programme. From start to finish the app played a major role. It added an extra level of excitement during a national conference where colleagues posted selfies and comments to the live news feed. During delivery it was a brilliant means of communicating key messages, support material and additional content to over 350 colleagues. The greatest highlight of all was witnessing the peer to peer learning and coaching that our colleagues shared using the collaborative learning function of the app. In short, the app was the icing on the cake!