The raising of RAISE

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The raising of RAISE

Definition: Lift or move to a higher level or position

Throughout our journey, we have been lifting experiences in learning and constantly challenging ourselves to create a difference. The word experience is heard every minute as we are mindful of keeping delegate experiences front and centre to all of our decisions, actions and executions.

We know the value of an elegant comms plan and a delightfully curated brand and we have been providing these to our clients for years. Our animations and videos have been increasing engagement and our programmes have featured in the creation of higher EOS scores.

So, with all this lifting, we ended up in a room somewhere talking over some coffee, or maybe it was wine.. we can’t remember.. talking about what we love doing. What makes our heart smile is happy people and contributing to an incredible experience. If we can create more opportunities to bring the best out of peoples capability and potential we are in!

And, then, like all good “coffee” chats it escalated and we formed a new company. A company called RAISE.

And here we are, and here you are and we are so delighted to meet you.