What do we stand for?

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What do we stand for?

We do a lot of work with companies on values, behaviours and creating alignment and we thought about what that would mean for us.

As we thought about it and brought all the words together we had one line that encapsulated it all.

We, at RAISE, are a Big Hearted team.

We think BIG – we want next level, we long for the “I would NEVER have thought of that” moments.

We have HEART – we love what we do. We care about you, we care about our team, we care about delivering the right thing. We have a big HEART.

We are a TEAM – we work in partnership with our clients and suppliers to create the best experience for all.

We want to belong to a tribe of brilliantly creative and caring humans and we work with people just like that. H2H is what we stand for.

These form all that we do. You want to get the team to think about innovation – BIG – considered a robot as a speaker?

You want to create a new product for your client – HEART – we deliver an experience that hits the spot of every customer (and deliver care bear cupcakes as an extra) you need someone to help you with a comms plan – TEAM – we want to create a completely seamless performance of the HAKA and wow your audience.